96th Annual Members’ Meeting
August 25, 2018
1.    Call to order by the Chairman.                                                                                 
2.    Secretary’s Report on proxy and attendance count.                                            
3.    Minutes of Annual Members’ Meeting of August 26, 2017.
4.    Officer Reports.
5.    Proposed USAA Bylaws Amendment.
6.    Election of Directors.
7.    Nomination of candidates for future Board vacancies.     
8.    Unfinished Business
9.    New business that may be properly brought before the meeting.          
10.  Adjournment.
Thank you for joining us at USAA’s 2018 Annual Members’ Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to:
  • Vote to amend USAA Bylaws.
  • Elect Directors.
  • Transact other business that is appropriate.
  • Report to the membership on the condition of the Association.  
Please note that the USAA Bylaws govern how this meeting is conducted. Items to be considered at the meeting are limited to those on the Agenda, or those that the Chair recognizes.
To ensure an atmosphere conducive to a business meeting, we ask that you:
  • Limit attendance to members and accompanying family members.
  • Refrain from using cameras or recording devices in the meeting room or the immediately adjacent area.
  • Refrain from any solicitation activity in the meeting room or the immediately adjacent area.
  • Do not carry or display placards or signs in the meeting room or the immediately adjacent area.
  • Wait until the Chair recognizes you to speak, limit your remarks to two minutes, and refrain from speaking out of turn.
  • Limit your questions or comments to ones about the Association. Senior Officers of USAA will be available after the meeting to answer questions of a personal or individual nature.